Dead Lies Dreaming
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Dead Lies Dreaming
Dead Lies Dreaming is published tomorrow (October the 27th) by Publishing! It's my first novel in over two years, and it's the start of a new trilogy set in the same universe as the Laundry Files: you don't need to have read the other series first. As for what it's about, pick any or all of: eccentric artistically-inclined supervillains, queer found families, disgruntled ex-cops, sinister private equity billionaires, Transnistrian mafia "loss adjusters", and the long-lost concordance to the One True Necronomicon ...
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Ok I've been waiting for this. If I hand't been already then this year has definitely set me up for a bit of lovecraftian apocalyptica as an escapist relief. I mean that in the best was possible.

Charlie hasn't self linked so I'm going to add these:
  • His blog post talking about the release of this novel
  • His post contextualizing it (and the rest of the series) in the overall arc *for those not familiar with his blog... know that the commenters can be prolific which may or may not be your thing coming from metafilter.
And I'll point the esteemed author to a recent MetaTalk post that may be of interest: Writers of MeFi Represent!
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Is there any way to get this in a DRM-free format? [from the UK?]

It's confusing. I can see a lot of past noise about Tor selling DRM-free, either from their own store (which does not appear to exist) or via third parties (but Kobo says ‘Adobe DRM’ and Amazon says ‘Lending not enabled’ which I *think* means the same?). Did this ever actually happen?
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