Virtual Convention Convention
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Virtual Convention Convention
I'm putting together a website/community and event for people who are running small virtual conventions. The initial live event is on November 15, 2020 (Sunday) 12:22 PM EST to 5:55 PM EST (UTC-4)

The goal is to make the website a free hub for information on putting on a virtual convention or conference (or seminar, or poster session, or tradeshow, or arts show….. basically the next step beyond a meeting). Not just for a single meeting, the site will remain active, hopefully for years, and possibly host future conventions.
I had a lot of fun participating in a virtual convention. I also enjoyed a few other virtual conventions, and was disappointed in how one enormous in person convention was translated to virtual.
Seems like lots of organizers of small, low budget events are trying to solve similar problems. I thought that bringing them together for a day, so that virtual in person conversations can happen, would be good. Scheduling short informal talks and panel discussions could clue people into what they didn't know they didn't know. So far a couple of new tool vendors will give talks/demos and a couple of people who have run cons will give a talk. Would love to have more participants giving talks or on panels.
I would appreciate it if you could pass this onto anyone you know who may be interested.
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Oops, should be utc-5
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7 talks are on the youtube archives of the livestream. Along with some good discussions.
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