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Mixolumia is an entrancing, musical block-clearing puzzler released on itch just the other day. I wound up documenting the 18-month development process in a big twitter thread (also in twitter moment format) that folks have found interesting. Besides bringing a fresh twist to the puzzler genre, Mixolumia also has a dynamic soundtrack (by Josie Brechner and myself) that responds and evolves as you play. The cool thing is that the music system is open to players to create and share their own songs/sound packs. There's documentation on how to do that if you're interested in reading how it works. The game comes with a wide range of color palettes and players can customize and create their own as well.

This is my first self-published commercial release. It's been a wild journey and the response has been absolutely mind-blowing!
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I've been delighted to see this making the rounds! Just saw that Rock Paper Shotgun posted about it as well. I'm so glad you documented the process like this, that's one of my favorite things in creative work from folks who are online.
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I'm not a big 'videogames person' and am terrible at videogames. But I have been desperate for chill, simple, beautiful games to give my mind a break. It's amazing. Thank you.
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