18 short plays about Python and programming
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18 short plays about Python and programming
At the PyGotham 2018 tech conference, Jason Owen and I presented "Python Grab Bag: A Set of Short Plays", inspired by the Neo-Futurists' show "The Infinite Wrench". The 40-minute video is up on YouTube and my blog post links to the script and slides, credits the crew and cast, deep-links to the specific timecodes for individual plays, and gives citations for the references we made.

Followup to my play the previous year, on code review.

Play titles:
  • The Unvarnished Truth
  • from import import import
  • WHAT’S the DEAL with CLIENTS?
  • A Play Entirely Full of Monty Python References
  • A Proposal for Explaining PEPs
  • GNU Mailman: A Pythonic Playlist
  • Soup, Scrape, Sweep
  • Generators: Taste the Freshness
  • This Is How We Do It
  • Cookie For Your Thoughts
  • If Shakespeare Wrote Incident Reports
  • Code Review: Fast Forward and Back
  • When The Old Was New
  • Things We Don’t Say At The Daily Standup Meeting
  • The Relief of Reuse (The Colorful argparse Play)
  • Be A Better Bureaucrat (The Intellectual argparse Play)
  • Speaking Python
  • The End (Of 2.7) Is Near (feat. Jason as Guido van Rossum)
Role: conceiver of idea, main playwright, costar
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I used to know Sumana back in San Francisco in the late 90s, and in the early 2000s I went to Chicago to visit friends and we all went to Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind. It's great to see the two threads merging!

I'm kind of gobsmacked that they've renamed the show but not the group, as it was actually Sumana's partner Leonard Richardson who first clued me into the fact that "futurist" was a 1930s dogwhistle technocrat term for "fascist".
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