About Faces
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About Faces
I released my first LP, About Faces, after several years of sometimes-intermittent writing and recording. It's about adapting to some significant changes in my partner's life trajectory and, relatedly, struggling with my own issues with emotions and vulnerability related to toxic masculinity, though the tone is mostly upbeat and positive. The genre is broadly "indie rock" but with some genre deviations and experimental and unorthodox bits to it.

Full "about this album" from the Bandcamp page:
This is an album about:
  • grappling with turmoil when the life of someone you love doesn't go the way you expected—and, on some level, maybe hoped—it would
  • shedding beliefs and habits that you as a man learned, explicitly or implicitly, from society about how to deal with your emotions after you realize that they are at best harmful and at worst literally, actually fatal
  • learning—haltingly, uncomfortably, hopefully, awkwardly, joyously, excruciatingly, fearfully, transcendentally—how to be a good partner, or at least a better one
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Role: Songwriter and musician
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