Code Review, Forwards and Back
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Code Review, Forwards and Back
Your team’s code review practices cause ripple effects far into the future. In this play, see several ways a single code review can go, then fast-forward and rewind to see the effects – on codebase and culture – of different code review approaches. Video recording of a 22-minute play about code review, mentorship, tech management, and regret. Premiered on October 6th, 2017 at PyGotham in New York City. Announcement blog post ("it's Run Lola Run but about code review") and wrapup post (audience responses included "I used to be that reviewer and I'm trying not to be anymore" and "I don't code at all but this is a marvelous management parable").
Role: co-playwright, costar, conceiver of idea
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Heh, almost had to hit pause on the video because I'm not in any particular rush to relive my last job =)
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Thanks for posting this. I've definitely been at least one of those reviewers in my time (lazy noncommittal reviewer) -- I think most people exhibit bits and pieces of all those behaviors regardless of good intentions, just down to context, mental state etc. The message I took is that reviewing code , often something a box ticking exercise, requires deliberate effort for it to be useful and should be recognized a skill to be developed in and of itself.
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