Noon All Year ... and more
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Noon All Year ... and more
3350 days ago I posted to Metafilter Project a timelapse music video about the founding year of our little sheep farm in Vermont. Since then, the camera equipment has definitely improved ... and the videos have gotten significantly shorter.* Most importantly, the view is still awesome.

As the project post explains, I decided to take on a year-long video project capturing one image each day — on our outdoor FarmCam — at the same time of day (noon!) for a year. I missed by about 10 images due to power outages, etc, but the missing images aren't glaring.

As an added bonus there are two additional time-lapse films available in the linked project: a year of sunrises and sunsets based on our farm's location.

NB: Videos should not auto-play, but note that all videos have music.

* The artist took to heart what the mods said in podcast 47 about the length of the previous tome.
Role: director
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I do enjoy the daily farm videos on Mastodon.
posted by COD at 5:49 PM on February 7, 2019 [1 favorite]

Thanks, COD. Means a lot to me to know anyone notices.
posted by terrapin at 5:39 AM on February 8, 2019 [1 favorite]

This is lovely, and wow you have snow for a long time!
posted by ellieBOA at 11:37 PM on February 8, 2019

Thank you, ellieBOA.
posted by terrapin at 1:29 PM on February 9, 2019

It's fun to watch the snow go away, 30 seconds in (although it comes back!) and think about how that might happen up this way in a few weeks (or maybe months).
posted by LeLiLo at 9:39 PM on February 11, 2019

*waves to LeLiLo* Thanks!
posted by terrapin at 6:28 AM on February 13, 2019

I really love watching the bird feeders empty and fill!
posted by TheCoug at 6:20 PM on February 26, 2019

Thanks, TheCoug. The feeders on close-up would be a fun project too. Hmmm.
posted by terrapin at 6:14 PM on March 1, 2019

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