Play Comics: A Comic to Video Game Comparison Podcast
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Play Comics: A Comic to Video Game Comparison Podcast
Play Comics is a weekly podcast where a guest and I look at video games based on comic properties and how well those games stick to the source material. Think more along the lines of a book vs movie thing than a game review thing.

I just released the 50th episode of Play Comics and I think it's finally time to share it with everyone here. It's a podcast where I'm taking a roughly chronological look at video games based on comics. Regular comic book, newspaper stuff, manga, doesn't matter as long as it was a comic first and the game came out on a home console in the US I'm taking a look at it.

As some examples, I've looked at Asterix which most people I know don't really know about at all and Batman Returns where we looked at the movie and got to do the double comparison since the game was a movie tie in and needed to stick with that.

As far as guest go I've had YouTube personalities, people from the games industry, a guy who's dedicated a ton of his life to everything Superman, and one of the hosts of what I consider to be the go to X-Men podcast.

I've got a bunch of good guests lined up and the awesomeness shouldn't slow down ever. I'm really excited that it's finally to the point where I think it's good enough to share with everyone here.
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