3D Printable Tabletop Shipping Containers
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3D Printable Tabletop Shipping Containers
My first stab at 3D modeling in a couple of decades turned into an obsessive deep dive into ISO standards: a set of 3D printable intermodal shipping containers for tabletop RPG games.

It started this year at Gencon, where I ran a series of one-shot adventures for new Eclipse Phase gamers. The scenario took place inside a bar in the futuristic (but still pretty dingy) Martian outback. Constructed of old shipping containers and neon signs, it grabbed everybody's imagination and was a big hit.

…However, when I tried to find some simple tabletop terrain that could be used to lay out the bar during the game's combat sequences, I couldn't find any models that were flexible enough to combine, stack, and repurpose. So, I started downloading spec sheets and learning 3D modeling, spent a month banging out reusable pieces, and… voila!
Role: artist/designer
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