Reimagining Recovery: A Neurodiversity Club
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Reimagining Recovery: A Neurodiversity Club
I've started a pilot group for a new kind of peer support group in Portland, Oregon as an alternative to 12-step models, SMART recovery, Refuge Recovery, and more. The project revolves around mental health, addiction, harm reduction, social justice, the politics of trauma, self-empowerment, accessibility, and inclusion.

The idea is to have rotating peer facilitators teach classes on practical coping skills, how to assert boundaries, self care basics, grounding and mindfulness practices-- Things everyone could stand to learn or brush up on. "Take what works and leave the rest" is the premise, not an afterthought.

I'm working on putting together a Wiki page that will eventually be a library of lesson plans and discussion questions that anyone can use. Anyone can contribute, too, so it's part DIY, part crowd-sourcing. And there'll be citations. And lots of other stuff I'm excited about!

This all is being presented as an experiment, and others are encouraged to carry out local experiments where they are! That's why it's called Reimagining Recovery, in the present continuous tense; it is an ever-ongoing project.

Check out my new website to read the story behind the idea, a list of potential classes, and more!

This is just the beginning, so there will be a lot more to come. I wanted to get the word out before it was fully fleshed-out, so that it could be a collaborative creation.

Our groups so far have been a hit, and we're gaining traction: The next event I'm holding, called Trauma, Memory, and the Brain, has over 80 people signed up and a full waiting list. It's very encouraging so far and I'm grateful to all the people who show up and make it possible!
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That's really cool! Way to go! I don't have the mojo to be an organizer but I would definitely attend if this makes its way down to SF.
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That sounds amazing! I'd sign up for that so hard if it were in my area.
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Curious if you have had any contact with maias about this. Her book Unbroken Brain Is a good overview of the current understanding of the brain chemistry of addiction & talks a lot about alternative forms of recovery besides rehabs & AA. I found it very insightful & not dissimilar from the ideas you’re putting forth here. I’d attend if I weren’t in Texas.

I’ll be in Portland in March & will see if one of your sessions coincides with my trip.
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