Graphic Novel TK: Your Podcast Guide to Comic Book Publishing
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Graphic Novel TK: Your Podcast Guide to Comic Book Publishing
Co-hosts Gina Gagliano (Publishing Director of Random House Graphic) and Alison Wilgus (Cartoonist, writer, editor and MeFite) guide listeners through the inner workings of graphic novel publishing through a series of interviews where professionals in the industry -- editors, agents, cartoonists, designers, etc -- explain the details of their jobs.

With this project, our hope is to help our listeners better understand the machinery of publishing, whether they be readers who want insight into how books are made, industry professionals who are curious about disciplines outside their own, or aspiring cartoonists trying to make the best choices for themselves and their work.

This biweekly podcast is ongoing, but we've posted 15 episodes to date, and talked with some really incredible folks.

01 -- Origin Stories, with Ryan North
02 -- Lingo, with George Rohac
03 -- Pitching, with Calista Brill
04 -- Agents, with Bernadette Baker-Baughman
05 -- Publishers, with Annie Koyama
06 -- The Book Deal, with Jen Linnan
07 -- The Acquisitions Meeting, with Andrew Eliopulos
08 -- The Contract, with Katie Lane
09 -- Rights, with Miriam Miller
10 -- Being Professional, with Lucy Knisley
11 -- How to Make a Graphic Novel, with Carey Pietsch
12 -- Finishing a Graphic Novel, with Jenni Holm
13 -- Managing Editorial, with Jill Freshney
14 -- Comics Design, with Hilary Thompson
15 -- Listener Q&A, with Alison and Gina

We're supported by The Beat, and you can find all of our show notes here on their site.

And much more to come!

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Role: Co-host, co-producer, editor
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It's probably also worth noting that one of the next couple episodes is an interview with cartoonist and festival organizer Jen Wang and I can't want to share it, she's just such an interesting person!
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Just a quick update: we're still going strong!

Episodes that've gone up since I posted this project:

16 -- Production, with Alexa Villanueva
17 -- Cover Design, with Colleen AF Venable
18 -- Comics as a Full-Time Career, with Jen Wang
19 -- Book Blurbs, with Diana Pho
20 -- Graphic Novel Printing, with Linda Palladino
21 -- Advocating for a Book, with Connie Hsu
22 -- Marketing, with Tucker Stone
23 -- Publicity, with Maya Bradford
24 -- Comic Stores, with Patrick Brower and W. Dal Bush
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