Woke Me Up Inside: Evanescence and Feminism
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Woke Me Up Inside: Evanescence and Feminism
An in-progress reconsideration of Evanescence's major debut Fallen through a variety of feminist-theory lenses, because... why not. Or, from the intro post: "What I do want to do is take an album I liked, and still like, and reconsider it as the person I am now, in the world I’m forced by the dreadful circumstances of linear time to live in today."

I'm only a few songs in, but the diversity of topics is already strong. The tracklist so far:

1. Introduction/Thesis Statement
2. GOING UNDER and Gaslighting
3. BRING ME TO LIFE and the Bad Ally
4. EVERYBODY'S FOOL and the Beauty Myth

The remainder to come, one at a time, posting approximately every Thursday morning EST.
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Just noting that, as scheduled, there's a new essay in the series: MY IMMORTAL and Posthumous Emotional Labor
posted by Kybard at 7:16 AM on September 27, 2018

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