Parallax: space opera for the New Sincerity.
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Parallax: space opera for the New Sincerity.
Imagine you're watching funny-animal Star Trek. Except every other episode is from the point of view of the Borg.

Who, once you get to know them, are actually pretty chill space goths dreamed up and printed out by the vast minds of the spaceships they wander around the galaxy on. And the Federation is actually a semi-religious order dedicated to sifting through the remnants of the Transcended Ancient Ones, looking for knowledge and resources.

Alternatively? The "Feds" are a bunch of rule-bound jerks who slavishly worship the Ancients who nearly ruined the entire galaxy before they left, and the "Borg" are a bunch of creepy pod people who steal anything that's not nailed down and casually assimilate entire planets. It depends on who's telling the story. There is totally not a point we're making here about propaganda and demonizing one's enemy. At all.

Also it's a comic. Because we're just two people, and not the small army needed to make a cartoon. For now.

This is not quite what I expected to be doing after finishing my previous graphic novel (which is still all free online). But there was this call for show pitches at a comics show I was exhibiting at, and I put something together on a whim. Cartoon Network didn't bite then, but me and my co-writer kept on kicking it around for a couple years until it grew to a point where it kind of demanded it be made. So here I am pushing my skills and processes to new places as I try to draw a full-color comic by myself. We seem to be converging on a schedule of a new page about every week or two, depending on how much of an alien world I have to design from the ground up for a particular page.

Right now we're just a few pages in to one side of the first story. If you want to get an idea of where it's going, then check out version 2.0.6 of the pitch bible. It's a little outdated; there's about a year of change between that and sitting down to draw the first pages. There may or may not be spoilers for major plot arcs in there as well.
Role: artist, co-writer
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