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SAD CATS • PURCHASERS OF SPACECRAFT • MACHINE INTELLIGENCES WHOSE ID SUGGESTS THEY MAY BE USERS OF ICHOR (I made a web toy that generates short descriptions of very specific demographic groups, and saves the ones people click on.)

I also made a twitter bot that occasionally posts the demographics people have clicked. If you click on one of the demographics on the web toy, eventually it will show up in the twitter feed, (although it may take quite a while, since the bot will only make a couple of posts per day)

Twitter apparently breaks down its user base into a bunch of different groups with titles like "Households that reside within five miles of any CVS drug store" and "Households whose behavior indicates they are sports fans" and "People who are likely Audi owners who are in market for a used vehicle in the next 6 months". I found the wording of these demographic descriptions to be weirdly brain-tickly, so I wanted to see if I could ape the form but make them, you know, better. Some of these are pretty good so I think I did okay.
Role: programmer, thinker-upper of good words
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I am enjoying this too much :)
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