Feed-a-Gene: science with plush toys
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Feed-a-Gene: science with plush toys
This is a short and (I hope) fun video made with my kids' plush toys to advertise an on-going EU-supported (H2020) scientific project about livestock feeding and genetics called Feed-a-Gene.

Like all other H2020 projects, Feed-a-Gene is a complex endeavour. It does a lot of science and involves 9 countries and 23 organisations. However, because those projects are highly technical and arcane, the EU wants to make them more fun and palatable for the general public, so they told us to create 3-minute videos about each project. I recruited my kids, their toys and some colleagues, and shot the sequences in December, mostly at home. H2020 videos are typically well-polished, informative, very corporate-looking and dead serious. This one is none of that!
Role: Conception, design and direction
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