Pocket Conspiracies, a group role-playing app
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Pocket Conspiracies, a group role-playing app
I wrote and programmed a group role-playing app! The gist is everyone playing needs to be in the same room and have the app on their smartphone, and then they perform together a series of challenges. It's for 3-10 players, takes 20-45 min, ages 10+. The app is free, doesn't have ads, and doesn't track your info beyond what is strictly needed to run the game.

The story is that a group of knights have come together to compete for the heart of a lady/gentleman/gentleperson. There are three challenges, which I won't spoil, but each involves face-to-face interaction and the capabilities of your smartphone.

Fun fact - the artwork is all from the 15th & 16th centuries, taken from the British Library's wonderful catalogue of illuminated manuscripts.
Role: programmer and writer
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This is a neat idea! I like that you have to be physically with someone for it to work. I'll try it once I find a friend or two to join me.
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In the screenshots from the download page, there is a reference to a foot race. Are there physical aspects to this or can the game be played by people of all abilities/mobilities?
posted by QuakerMel at 10:54 AM on December 24, 2017

Hey QuakerMel, there is a GPS-based minigame where the person who can travel the furthest in 30s wins, but it's only one of several choices.
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