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Payba¢k is a game designed to help teens understand the costs of college BEFORE they begin applying. We made it to address an issue many families face: Kids have no idea how much college actually costs. Parents are super uncomfortable discussing finances with their kids. So too often, nobody talks, kids apply to schools they can't afford, parents stretch themselves too thin and everyone ends up disappointed.

It's not a perfect simulator of the college experience. It's designed to be an icebreaker that empowers teens to be part of the planning process, to prompt conversation with parents and educators about how kids can proactively manage the amount of debt they take on.
Role: creative lead
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That's pretty cool, although it wasn't obvious to me what was going on with the burnout game. I was 5 or 6 clicks into it before I understood the point and wasn't just randomly clicking stuff that lit up.

#Graduated with $20K debt in 1989. Paid it off in 1999 or 2000.
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I might have run into a bug! Junior year, after taking the psychology test for $75 bucks and it told me about how time is money too, the screen went blank. I had around $18,060 in debt, in case that helps in down the entire decision tree (Some suggestions I remember: having one roommate; not being an RA; biking; moving off campus; not going home; taking summer school; registering for 3 classes; buying new books and selling them at the end of the semester)
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The debt calculation should be two numbers: the principal and the total cost assuming a standard 10 year repayment plan at current public loan interest rates (4.45% at the moment for direct loans).
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I found an error! I biked in college and never paid for a single cab. As far as I know, neither did most of my friends, all of whom were also on bike. We did bike moves.
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I really enjoyed this and money-stuff is so important, many kids have zero clue where money comes from, how much you get to keep, what's a reasonable pay etc. I do think that the info-icons could be clearer, I thought they were clocks, maybe a question mark? Would be good on the room/dorm page to have information there about what the plusses and minuses are of having a roomie, even if you get some of that info on the next page. I think I bugged it though, I ended up with no debt, signified as best as I could see as ¤¤¤ ? NaN on the monthly.
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