Nebula One, a cartoon set in space
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Nebula One, a cartoon set in space
I've created a fun and hopefully good-looking new animated series set in space. There are three short episodes, and they're all in one video. Later episodes — assuming I'll have the time and inclination to keep going — will reveal that the mission for these astronauts is establishing a sports franchise in space, for television. But for now, dodging space rocks and worrying about avatars takes up most of their time. Enjoy!

I run my own little design and animation studio (with the same name as my MeFi handle!), but over the last couple of months I've taken some time off client work to make this indie thing that is sort of silly and sort of weird and quite expensive in terms of hours spent relative to any commercial potential... but hopefully a few souls on MetaFilter will dig it!
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I love the feel of this....I'm not signed in to YouTube but would also like to say how much I enjoyed the House Hunters clip as well. That was brilliant.
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Hey, thanks! I did another one like that about Snapchat, and may well do more of those "vlog" type things eventually.
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