The Seers Catalogue
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The Seers Catalogue
An multimedia storybook and its inscrutable magazine, The Seers Catalogue is a world of weights and measures, strange encounters and necromantic cabals, where the key to all secrets is an obtuse and enthralling magazine.

Seers is my first foray at Interactive Fiction, built in hacked-at TWINE with cartoonists James Braithwaite, Patrick McEown and artist/coder six a. Inspired by T​he Whole Earth Catalog, Cat Fancy, The London Review of Books, David Mitchell, Thomas Pynchon, Kelly Link, Haruki Murakami, David Lynch and the magisterial works of Porpentine, it brings together image, sound and prose for a surreal choose-your-own adventure.

It's a bit of a riddle, a bit of a treasure-hunt, a bit of a mystery and a bit of a dream. It takes patience to uncover. I hope you enjoy it!
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