Pokémon in Space, Pokémon in the NYPL
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Pokémon in Space, Pokémon in the NYPL
It's a pair of Twitter bots: Pokémon in the NYPL, which sends Pokémon into the depths of the New York Public Library Digital Collections, and Pokémon in Space!, which uses the Astronomy Picture of the Day as a guide for Pokémon space exploration.

So far, they've pondered letters from colonial lawyers and discovered Italian fashions. They've visited the NGC 281 star formation and the molten surface of Venus.

I put these together because A) I've always enjoyed seeing video game characters transferred to real-world contexts (which has traditionally come to us in the form of manual Photoshopping), and B) I hope this gets people to explore these domain, the way Pokémon Go has gotten people walking around.
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