This is the worst party I've ever been to.
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This is the worst party I've ever been to.
Photos from the New Hampshire presidential primary.

Last-minute decorations, cold food, bad music, the guest-of-honor is always late, and everyone wants to talk about politics and religion…. The New Hampshire presidential primary is like the worst party you've ever been to, and it goes on for months.

I started photographing the primary campaigns in July 2015, covering everything from small events of outsider candidates to huge rallies for the presumptive nominees and everything in between. Main galleries are divided into July - Sept. 2015, Oct. - Dec. 2015, and Jan. - Feb. 2016.

Portions of the project have been published recently in Esquire, Time (and in their Top 100 Photos of 2015), Le Monde's weekend magazine, the Globe and Mail, the Wall Street Journal, and New York's Daily Intelligencer. I also recently spoke about the motivations and ideas behind the project with The Image, Deconstructed.

Be sure to check out pictures of long-time outsider candidate Vermin Supreme (previously and previouslier on the Blue), who wears a boot on his head and runs on a platform of a pony-based economy and using zombies to solve the energy crisis. He'll be on the New Hampshire Democratic Party ballot this year, as he was in 2008 and 2012.
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Not a fan of the horizontal scrolling, otherwise, good job. Nice shot of Bernie "littering". Tsk.
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Proof that humans do not know what to do with themselves in a democracy. Nifty site, thanks for sharing!
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Nice work. Love the Vermin Supreme series.
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