An atlas of Cormoran Strike's world
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An atlas of Cormoran Strike's world
Cormoran Strike's world is about 95% straight-up real. I started by looking on Google to see where Strike's office is on Denmark Street and then I got drawn in, so here's a map with locations from all three Robert Galbraith books – separated into layers – plus a layer of locations each specific to Strike and Robin.

I find it adds to the books to actually see where Strike and Robin live, where the clients and crooks hang out, especially if you're not all that familiar with London and environs. I've tried to avoid spoilers but some may be implicit in the descriptions.
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I've sort of drifted in here, so I don't really know what all this is about, but it looks like 26 Denmark Street used to be the 12-Bar Club, which was a fine music venue in a building behind what you can see on Streetview which was originally a (17th century? Something like that) blacksmith's forge. I don't know how much of Denmark Street will be there after the next few years, as it's all being Developed. Boo, hiss.

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The books are set relatively recently, but not in the immediate present – the royal wedding takes place during the most recent one, making the setting 2011, although published in 2015.

In the first book, Cormoran Strike hears the bass from what the writer calls the 12-Bar Café downstairs from time to time. In the second we have "Strike let himself in through the black outer door beside the 12 Bar Café.”

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Oooh I love this, I've done a couple myself on a much smaller scale for other books.

Now, where is Diagon Alley on this map?
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