If You Are Reading This…
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If You Are Reading This…
Metroid Baby, EndsOfInvention, and I have put together @contingencymsgs, a Twitter bot that alerts you about various fictional emergency situations.
Role: developer, instruction writer
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If you are reading this, someone has opened your pants. Carefully examine your buttocks. You have been warned.

man that's one helluva geolocation api you're using
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If you are reading this, you have disappointed your granfalloon. Sleep as fast as you can. This may feel good.

Kudos on correct usage of the word "granfalloon", a nonsense word taught to me by Gary Owens many years ago.
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I didn't know until now that it was used outside of Cat's Cradle! He sounds like a nifty curiosity in commercial radio.
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These are so good.
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Attn: a Boltzmann brain has breached the building.

I'd give you reddit gold, but... well... didn't work here.
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