Researching Greeting Cards Around The World
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Researching Greeting Cards Around The World
I am researching information for an article about greeting cards around the world today - who sends them, what do they send - and I have put the questions into a survey. I am in the UK and looking for respondents in other countries.

The survey is set up to accept free-form answers. In other words, you can write a sentence or just a word or two - whatever you think is appropriate.

I've list the questions here so that you know what to expect - and you can take the survey HERE

Greeting Card Survey on SurveyMonkey.

- What cards are 'must-sends' (e.g. Mother's Day)
- Do most towns have shops that specialise in selling greeting cards?
- What is the typical cost of a card + postage ?
- Are most cards blank inside or do they have a verse or other words pre-printed on the inside?
- Do people display cards they receive - for example, putting them on a mantelpiece?
- Who sends cards - for example - young people / only older people / mostly women?
- Is the practise of sending cards a generational thing that is dying out or are cards going strong?
- Add the name of your country here.

Thank you

Again, you can take the survey HERE on SurveyMonkey.
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Is this intentionally focused on mass-market, pre-printed cards?

A section covering hand/home/self/maker-made cards might be interesting.

I know quite a few people who make and send their own cards. From pencil on folded DIN-A4 copy paper, to primitive potato stamps, to color-printed stylized landscape photo cards, to 3D-printed flat pieces that pull apart into components that can be assembled into figurines or toys.

In some cultures, DIY cards are valued; in others, recipients would wonder why you were giving them "home-made #$%."

Light bulb: most of the friends/acquaintances who make their own cards are male. Wonder why that is?
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In some circles, e-cards are viewed as aggressive spam, no matter the stated privacy policy of the provider. Daniel Post may have OK'd e-cards, but in many cases they're worse than no greeting at all.
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Maybe also add vintage/thrifted cards to your list -- I rarely buy new cards in stores, but will always rummage through the boxes at charity shops and often buy them online at Etsy or eBay.
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@wonton endangerment [ ] and @vickyverky [ ]
Thank you for the observations. The survey is specifically aimed at commercially-printed cards such as one would find in a greeting card shop. That said, I could indeed usefully add hand-made cards and vintage/thrift cards into account.

I am not referring to e-cards, although they have their place.
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