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For those tired of choosing between fighting 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses, WYRF generates other options. "Would you rather fight 1 thunderstorm-sized clown or 1000 clown-sized thunderstorms?"

Also linkable at wyrf.club.

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"Would you rather fight 1 Cthulhu-sized disembodied head or 600000 disembodied-head-sized Cthulhus?"

Thanks for this new nightmare!
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Haha, thanks! I just made this into a Twitter bot: @wyrfclub
posted by oulipian at 7:49 PM on March 24, 2015

Your twitter links don't actually go to twitter properly when you click on them and it makes me confused. But I like the site!
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I just added a bunch of new potential opponents, and fixed the Twitter bot, which was misbehaving overnight.

Not sure what's happening with the Twitter links - if you're using iOS the links open in Safari instead of the Twitter app, perhaps that's the issue? I've noticed that too, but I haven't been able to find a way to fix it.
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Huh, it's working now. It was Chrome on Windows, so dunno what was up there, but either it was a browser issue on my side that fixed itself or you fixed something. (It was just not going anywhere-- links were indicating they were clicked but didn't do anything.)
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Clearly, giant is a relative term:

"Would you rather fight 1 giant-squid-sized giant clam or 4.33 giant-clam-sized giant squids?"
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This is terrific.

I get weirdly giddy with joy whenever I see a fraction. It helps my chances!
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Would you rather fight 1 Xenomorph-sized amoeba or 1111111.11 amoeba-sized Xenomorphs?

Oh god, a million microscopic xenomorphs, I think you'd just start dissolving.
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On the other hand, the choice between a piano-sized blanket fort or 1.14 blanket fort-sized piano seems less threatening.
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Thought I'd post an update! I've been slowly adding to and improving the WYRF database, which now has over 500 possible contenders. The @wyrfclub Twitter bot has become the main focus of the project, and seems to be picking up new followers pretty steadily without much intervention from me. Thanks for the retweets!
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