Eat better faster with MealSquares, the nutritionally complete food
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Eat better faster with MealSquares, the nutritionally complete food
MealSquares are full of nutrient-dense whole foods like eggs, orange juice, and sunflower seeds, combined at just the right ratios. The result gets you your RDA for all vitamins and minerals.

This project was inspired by Soylent, but as far as we know we're the only solid nutritionally complete food out there. We've been working on it for many months and have just recently begun shipping orders to anyone who wants to beta test. Feedback has been pretty good. Tell us what you think!
Role: funding, business development, etc.
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How badly did you want to name these lembas and what prevented you from doing so?
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I don't love it. I've had a couple straight form the fridge and they have a kind of strong baking-soda taste; apart from that the flavor/texture is pretty flat. Has anyone given you feedback on how they most prefer to eat them: temperature, toppings, anything?
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"Eating MealSquares has freed up lots of my time for working on MealSquares" may be my new favorite founder testimonial.
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How is your project going? It sounds interesting. And why is there so much less traffic on this thread than the soylent ones? Humans are confusing. This sounds much more appealing.
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