SeattleFocus: Personal Photography Portfolio
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SeattleFocus: Personal Photography Portfolio
I recently moved to Seattle, and so I decided to use the move as an excuse to redesign my personal photography website. I would love to hear comment, critique and constructive criticism about my photography or the website. I am hoping to use it to both get my photography projects out there and pick up freelance work in my new home city. I have done quite a bit of freelance work back home, but this is very much a new market for me. Thanks!
Role: Photographer, Site Designer
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Beautiful work! I like that you've presented a really diverse set of images which is just enough to give an idea of your capabilities, without overwhelming the user. I'm impressed with the overall site structure and interactivity as well. The only suggestion I have is to find a way to disable right-click on images, because the way it is now, someone could download your images very easily. Good luck in Seattle!
posted by oxisos at 4:24 PM on November 11, 2014

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