Event Deck - Automated club night finder using Facebook events
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Event Deck - Automated club night finder using Facebook events
About 2 years ago I moved to a new city and suddenly faced clubbing ignorance. It turns out finding club nights (especially smaller ones) is pretty hard. Almost every night has a corresponding Facebook event, but to find it you have to be friends with the right people. I wrote some scripts which grabbed events off the Facebook API, worked out if they were club nights (you'd be surprised how many open events people make) and grouped them by city . This has evolved over the last 2 years (in short bursts of enthusiasm) into Event Deck, a website and Android app.

I would like to develop an iOS app, but there's a bit more expense involved. Currently I only index UK cities, but as it's automated I could probably easily expand it to elsewhere. I'd love to hear feedback (or city requests).
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I love the idea of this, and I'm sad I missed it.
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