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TileArray is a web application that converts uploaded images into photo mosaics of up to 6400x6400 pixels. Users can create, preview, download, and personalize their creations, then share them through social networks and in a gallery at the site.

The most common question is "Where did you get the source images?" The answer: it's every square image at Wikipedia — it just turns out that most of those are album covers.

A few examples:

Here is a landscape in the Andes

Here is the MetaFilter logo

And here's mathowie
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by feckless fecal fear mongering on April 4, 2014: TileArray

Aw man, this is cool. I wish the "mouseover to zoom in" thing was a feature on all the rendered images. Like I want to see my icon blown up, but don't want to download a 20Mb image (or tax your server). Is there anyway to autogenerated the "zoom" effect in whatever image manipulation code you're using?
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That was a great idea, mathowie. Try this. (The demos run a few hundred kilobytes.)
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I did my profile pic and all the orange is Now!2 and Third Eye Blind album covers! This is great, I downloaded mine.
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