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This is my blog covering the Conservative Dinosaur Readiness Movement. It is a satirical blog about a right wing survivalist group that is paranoid that dinosaurs are going to return somehow and conquer earth. While it is satire, I also try to incorporate good science when I can, I interview legit people in the paleontology field such as Kirk Johnson and Peter Larson.

Dinosaurs! WTF? is sometimes limited to a really specific audience (pop science oriented humor and dinosaur enthusiasts), but sometimes I manage to pull off an article with mass appeal by looking at pop culture or doing listicle style fluff posts about a certain clade of dinosauria. While my background is all writing and sociology, I have a ton of knowledge about dinosaurs that was otherwise sitting dormant as well as a state scholar's access to serious dinosaur research.
I started this blog because when I came up with the idea I was sure it had been done before, if not super successfully. However when I checked, I was wrong. So I bought a domain and made the blog. My obvious influences are the web comic Married to the Sea, Da Ali G Show, Stephen Colbert's characters, and Alex Jones.
I am a fiction writer and a satirist, and this has become one of my most successful projects. While it doesn't make any money yet, I enjoy it, and it is a major part of my writing now. The long game is trying to get a book deal ala "Our Dumb World" and I would love ideas for how to go about that.
I actually found out about Metafilter when one of you guys posted my blog here a few months ago. I was really relieved to see that there is a decent web community out there, because I was getting fed up with reddit. I have since dropped reddit entirely.
I'd love more subscribers. I'd love general blog promotion input.
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Thank you for alerting me to the fact that Thagomizer is a thing that is said by people in real life. I am so happy right now.
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No problem. Any ideas on how to market/promote the damn thing?
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I passed 50,000 hits this month. Super pumped.
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