Breastfeeding & pumping helper app for iPhone
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Breastfeeding & pumping helper app for iPhone
I had a baby this year, and we had a LOT of trouble with breastfeeding and pumping. I used basically every baby app I could find and found most to be frustratingly bad. So I made my own, and after 6 months of development (during naps no less) it went up on the App Store today. It works for nursing, pumping, or bottle-feeding moms, and even supports twins/multiples. And it is designed to be used one-handed.

This is the first major personal project I have ever finished in my life, and I dream of someday making a business of it. I welcome feedback or ideas for future development. Here are five promo codes to download the app for free: AL9KTFMXLEEK, R7EYT47PYPFJ, HXXH7EAEXPWM, HJLYNA7L4KTA, KAN9KF6KXWA7. (These are one-use only so if you take one, please leave a comment.)
Role: programmer/designer
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