St. Louis Skies, Volume 1
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St. Louis Skies, Volume 1
As seen on the MeFi Mall, St. Louis Skies, Volume 1 presents the first half of my collected photographs of dramatic sunsets, sunrises, and strange clouds against the backdrop of St. Louis' unique plant life and architecture (with a few ringers from my travels to other cities).

The book is printed in a glossy, high-color format, making it a great gift for connoisseurs of clouds, urban skyscapes, and regional architecture. Several of the photos were shot at St. Louis MetaFilter meetups, and yes, there are bricks! It's available in hardcover and softcover from Blurb. I'm also selling postcards of these photos on Zazzle.

I'd been shooting sky and sunset photos for about 10 years, but I'd never quite figured out what to do with them until a colleague suggested that I post a gallery of them on our work website. I considered that, then thought, "You know, this could be more than just some one-off post." It being National Novel Writing Month at the time, I decided to put it in book form; I'd been wanting an excuse to make something with Blurb for a while.

I shot the photos with several cameras, including an old Sony, the Canon I bought on my honeymoon, and my HTC Droid Incredible 2; noise- and color-corrected them with Noiseware and Photoshop; and designed the book and postcards in InDesign. The book has a visual index, so those familiar with the St. Louis area can see where a number of the more stunning photos were shot. (I didn't index the ringers, but residents of other regions might recognize some of them, too.)

And as the title implies, yes, there will be a St. Louis Skies, Volume 2, forthcoming next year. I've already color-corrected the photos and done a rough draft of the layout...
Role: photographer, writer, and designer
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