Open access to our newest issue
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Open access to our newest issue
The newest issue of the journal The Good Society is out today. This year, we're experimenting with an open-access window: the issue will remain open on JSTOR's site until the end of February. This issue is devoted to "Civic Studies" and "Aristotelian Political Theory" and features some articles I'm pretty proud to have published. (previously)

The Civic Studies symposium:
  • The Summer Institute of Civic Studies: An Introduction” by Karol Soltan and Peter Levine

  • Civic Studies: Fundamental Questions, Interdisciplinary Methods,” by Alison K. Cohen, J. Ruth Dawley-Carr, Liza Pappas, and Alison Staudinger

  • What Should You and I Do?: Lessons for Civic Studies from Deliberative Politics in the New Deal” by Timothy J. Shaffer

  • Living Well Together: Citizenship, Education, and Moral Formation” by Elizabeth Gish and Paul Markham

  • Civic Studies: Bringing Theory to Practice” by Katherine Kravetz

  • The Civic Institute Relocated: Designing a Syllabus for Undergraduate Students at a Public University” by Susan Orr

  • Deliberation and Civic Studies” by Matt Chick

  • The Aristotelian Political Theory symposium:
  • "Political Animals Revisited" by Josiah Ober

  • "Boundaries, Birthright, and Belonging: Aristotle on the Distribution of Citizenship " by Richard Boyd

  • "Uselessness: A Panegyric" by David Curry

  • "Aristotelian Necessities" by Randall Curren

  • Our issue closes with a retrospective by the founding editor, Stephen L. Elkin:
  • The Good Society: A Retrospective
  • Role: editor
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