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A metaphor generator a cut above the random. Using Wordnik's related words API, we can give you a metaphor that has an even better chance of making sense.
Role: designer, some code
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posted by cortex at 3:11 PM on November 20, 2013

my favorites were "my dog is an inherited wolf" and "my kiss is a nontechnical glance"
posted by raisindebt at 3:20 PM on November 20, 2013

There isn't right now, but that is a good idea. Maybe have it so clicking the word (any of the underlined words) populates them in the text box.

(Also, it is open source, so *if* anyone wants to implement and pull request, they are welcome. But requests also accepted.)
posted by dame at 8:37 PM on November 20, 2013

My hedgehog is a concentrated porcupine! Thank you.
posted by beryllium at 12:59 AM on November 21, 2013 [2 favorites]

My penis is a rattletrap gland.
posted by terrapin at 7:26 AM on November 21, 2013

Looks great on my phone, too.
posted by roger ackroyd at 11:31 AM on November 21, 2013 [1 favorite]

This is awesome!

I wish it was easier to tab between the elements, or that the keyboard focus automatically went to the text entry field. It would be fun to type a bunch of these in succession.

Also, there's a bug: if I paste ☃ (or, actually, any non-ascii characters?) into the "enter a word" field and click "complete sentence," it seems to lock up. :(
posted by aparrish at 3:29 PM on November 22, 2013

"My accordion is an astonished harmonica."

This is excellent...

The Make Another button doesn't work for me (Firefox 25, OS X), and I would like a way to quickly cycle through options for one word.
posted by yoHighness at 9:12 AM on November 24, 2013 [1 favorite]

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