Scrablet (Pro) Scrabble Trainer App
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Scrablet (Pro) Scrabble Trainer App
My husband and I wrote this Android app for serious Scrabble players to train their anagramming ability. Unlike similar apps it allows the player to choose between various scrabble competition dictionaries (SOWPODS, TWL, etc), to choose to get a rack that includes J, Z, Q or Z, to require that at least one 7-letter word is available and to specify whether or not blanks should be allowed. Word definitions are available, although in my experience most Scrabble players don't really care about those! There's also a free version people can try out that doesn't have some of these "professional" features.

This project was inspired by a couple of metafilter discussions. When I posted here a couple of years ago, one of the suggestions was to try out zyzzyva, which I subsequently got very addicted to. I was sad to find, once I got a smartphone, that there was no equivalent phone app. So we wrote one ourselves.

I specified the features, my husband did most of the programming and I designed the user interface and did the bug testing. I have no previous experience with UI design, so any suggestions for improvements would be welcome.

And the app was named by seanmpuckett in this thread. Thanks!

We are open to suggestions for improvements or extra features, if anyone has some.
Role: Designer, some programming
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I came into the Scrabble via Facebook craze very late and am loving it, and I just wondered yesterday if there was anything like this the other day. Tried the free version last night and loved it -- look forward to getting the pro one later.
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