The Trigger Project
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The Trigger Project
Transwoman writes screenplay! Invites others to do what they will with it! Film at some point in the future!

So, over the course of two weeks in July, I wrote a screenplay. It's about a transwoman who goes to work for a fast-food company called Mid Nite Cookies, only to learn that they're up to evil. It's called "How To Trigger The Apocalypse". It's a comedy.

Once I was finished, I was sure of two things - that it was very good, and that I had absolutely no hope of seeing it produced through conventional means. So, I've slapped a Creative Commons license to it and I'm inviting anybody - especially other trans and queer artists - to do anything they like with the material - shoot it, rewrite it, draw it, anything they can think of. So...Enjoy?
Role: Writer
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