Gametron 7000
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Gametron 7000
Gametron 7000 (GT7K) is a web-based game-building toolkit, designed and built by myself for use in non-programming-centric game design classes I've been teaching in NYC. It's almost all visual (no coding) and allows non-tech-savvy game creators to make fairly simple 2D sprite-based games. Even though it's a little rough around the edges, hopefully it's fun to use!

GT7K was originally built for my high school classes with a few principles in mind:

- Game creators should be able to go from concept to playable prototype as quickly as possible.
- Game creators should be able to work alone or in groups.
- Games made with GT7K are "radically remixable" -- any element can be copied, modified, and turned into something new. Games can be mashed together. Art assets can be shared. Etc.
- Since GT7K is web-based, game creators can work from any computer with a modern browser. (And GT7K is all HTML5 -- no Flash or other plug-ins required.)

At this point, I feel like GT7K's outgrowing the resources I can currently give to it and for GT7K to continue to improve it's going to need some new avenues for growth. So! I'm trying to open it up as much as possible for people to use. If you check it out, I'd love your feedback. and if you have any ideas for new uses for GT7K -- or organizations that might be interested -- I'd love to hear that as well.

Role: Designer, programmer, does-everything-er
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I love this. Nice work, Josh.

(ps - Hello from Austin--this is Sean, friend of Brenna R's. I think the last time I saw you, pepper spray and New Years were involved).
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