Tired of jump&run on your smart phone? Move yourself!
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Tired of jump&run on your smart phone? Move yourself!
You are an Android user? In the Google Play Store reside numerous games for users to pass the time. The new app "Color&Move" broadens this variety with a little game of color recognition. Have fun!

To each color belongs a certain movement that has to be performed with the phone. The simplest movements are turning left or right. A training mode can be found in the menu. The player starts in level one where one color is presented and one movement has to be performed. Each level consists of three rounds. Having played the three rounds in one level the player advances to the next level where an additional color has to be played. But attention: If you move to slow the game terminates.

Attention: The recognition of the movements is based on sensors in the smart phone. Not all smart phones available have the necessary sensors. The app reports if it could not find the necessary sensors.

Color&Move maintains a high score list and can manage several players. You may even allow to upload your (future) scores to a high score list on the web site www.color-and-move.de and compete against other players from all over the world.

The download of the app is free. Admittedly a banner ad is shown. The search of "Color&Move" in the Google Play Store provides the download site.
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