Offbeat Eats, v3
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Offbeat Eats, v3
You last read about Offbeat Eats, my food blog, back in early 2011. On that site, I track the interesting places I've eaten, mostly so that other travelers can find some of the more obscure places I've enjoyed. Since then, the blog has continued to grow (it's over doubled in size), and with it more than a few growing pains on the backend as various things didn't scale well. Since I've been stuck at home waiting for a kidney stone issue to resolve, this was finally a time to resolve it. Mostly based upon feedback from my earlier post, I've migrated it to the newest Google Maps API (faster), implemented map autozooming (cooler), and implemented marker clustering to reduce clutter on most of the maps (which were starting to look like the dartboard at an old bar with too many pins on them). I'm looking for more feedback and ideas.
Role: Programmer
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