Paper Galaxy, our adorable new iOS game, is out today! Yay!
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Paper Galaxy, our adorable new iOS game, is out today! Yay!
Here's the trailer!

After toiling in obscurity on video games as a hobbyist for 13 years (during which time I made In the Pit and Dungeon Escape, among many other less-notable games), I finally landed my very first real-live game industry job at Liquid Entertainment in October of last year, just moments before resigning myself to being the Henry Darger of video games.

I've spent the majority of my time over the past year working as a designer (and sometimes programmer) on a game at Liquid that isn't quite out yet, and in our spare time my boss and I prototyped a few different "skunkworks" projects, one of which evolved into Paper Galaxy.

I did almost all of the programming on this game, and a lot of the design work, and I'm really happy with the result; when I was interviewing for this job at Liquid I told them that what I most wanted was to work with a team to make bigger, better games than I could make on my own, and that's exactly what happened.

Anyway, please check it out, and let me know what you think!!


Role: programmer, co-designer
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Android version coming soon!
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That looks frenetic and chaotically awesome!

Congratulations, and if you have a way to get on the mailing list for the Android version let me know. (I'm also an excellent beta tester, btw.)
posted by sutt at 11:24 AM on December 21, 2012

Thanks, sutt! I'll post here when the Android version comes out, and you can also follow the game on twitter or Facebook for up-to-the-minute info!
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Now that I've put in a few hours playing it, I can definitely say it's fun, and lovely. I have to admit though, it's a bit disturbing to see all those planets look on cheerfully as I'm gobbled up by the crab nebula every time.
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It's a fun game, thanks for making it. I think the IAP model/formula is a bit abusive, though.
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It's really not too bad. There really is so much to master in the first few areas that the IAP doesn't even become an issue for me. Getting chains and such is challenging enough.
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upgrade the [next planet radius thingy] and the chains become rather easy. Up until roughly fifteen, then it's just way too fast.

I wonder what it would look like on an ipad.

Also, awesome game.
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fun game! Cute gameplay, it's taking me a couple of tries to get the sneezing normal to my intended course.
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oops, I just noticed that I totally forgot to come back and post here when the Android versions came out. It's been available via both Google Play and the Amazon App Store for a few months now. :)
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