Raging Titter Radio
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Raging Titter Radio
This is probably as honest as I’ll ever be about what I’m trying to accomplish with my podcast, Raging Titter Radio. I have always had a lot of thoughts and I’m often overwhelmed by them. Since I was a kid, I imagined my thoughts as balloons, too many comic books I suppose. Anyway, I try to chase them down and grab them before they float away forever. The easiest way to hang onto them is to tie the strings together. If I can tie enough balloons together, I can float away. That’s Raging Titter Radio. Oh and there’s always a top notch indie band playing a great song that's thematically relevant.

The episodes are generally "brought to you by" a craft beer I'm trying out or a drink recipe I've either discovered or concocted on my own.

Sometimes I'm funny. Sometimes I'm reflective. Sometimes I do voices. Sometimes it's all a total wash.

Episodes are released weekly and are between 10-20 minutes in length. I hope they will never be longer. Also, I'm always looking for new artists, so if you know any or are one, get in touch.
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