Three books, arguably perfect.
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Three books, arguably perfect.
I woke up the other day and realized I'd written, revised, and hidden away (for months, years!) the three greatest literary works of the millennium. Now, like all good things, they're on Amazon: a collection of weird little stories in the form of a catalogue of worlds; a collection of essays, arguments, repetitions, flimflam, and repetitions; and what appears to be a book-length essay about Phish's Fall 1997 tour. Reviews have been kind (see project link). YOU'RE WELCOME, METAFILTER.

BTW, I'm happy to talk about self-publishing and CreateSpace and Lulu and all that good stuff. Just ask. Short version: Amazon's CreateSpace POD service is a fantastic resource for small-time/self-publishers, with better royalties than Lulu and frictionless Kindle Store support to boot. I can't recommend the service enough.

But the key takeaway message here is that these are, as mentioned, the greatest literary works of the last 1,000 years or so. Possibly the best since, what Revelations? Gilgamesh?

Here's an outtake from the first linked book, by the way: a retelling of the Star Wars trilogy in a style that, um, pays tribute to Russell Hoban's Riddley Walker. (Only a mangy cur would call it a 'knockoff' or 'pastiche' or 'glorified net.dreck' or 'Wally has too much time on his hands.')
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Aaaaaaaaargh here's the outtake link.

Click the link, receive a prize. A PRIZE FOR YOUR MIND. yeah that's right
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