Ecological artwork
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Ecological artwork
I make artwork about the natural world; my most recent involves watercolor drawings of anole lizards and interactive live plant pedestals. I also have series of roadkill and dodo oil pastel drawings. As a bonus, I uploaded videos of students poking at the plants in the interactive pieces and saying things like, "I think we should light them on fire." And then doing so.
Role: Artist
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I especially love the Polychrotidae series, really fantastic. The textured work is amazing.
posted by bobdow at 5:04 PM on September 11, 2012

Thanks! I'm planning on continuing to work on that series at the very least through my graduate thesis show this spring.

As I briefly note on my site, there's a chemistry professor on LSU's campus (Dr. Pojman) making all sorts of new polymers and the bas relief effect comes from his workable art mediums which bond super well to the paper. I'm actually heading there this afternoon to alpha test a new kiln-free, heavier-bodied sculpting medium.

The texture on many of the others comes from using special papers including corrugated, velvet, translucent, embossed, etc.
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