Pluff Mudd Fiber
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Pluff Mudd Fiber
My wife and her parents make stuff and sell it on Etsy. Crafty stuff in fact, which I know you'll love because we tend to like that kind of thing here.

Primarily it's yarn based stuff. Some actual yarn, stuff made with yarn, charms to work into the yarn if you're a really cool person and spin your own yarn, stuff like that. It's some pretty nice stuff if you ask me.

I'm the primary product photographer and do some other behind the scenes stuff like book keeping. Maybe one day I'll be able to make stuff too.

Because I love you so much, we've created a coupon for 15% off. Just use MEFI1 when you check out. We're pretty sure the coupon is good forever.
Role: photographer, other behind the scenes stuff, large amounts of encouragement
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