SimpleSet Pro - Online Exercise Program Planning Software
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SimpleSet Pro - Online Exercise Program Planning Software
I'm part of a team of physical therapists who have developed an online tool for exercise prescription, called SimpleSet Pro.

SimpleSet Pro is intended for use by physical therapists, rehab specialists and exercise professionals.

We have been working on this in our spare time for close to 3 years, and we officially launched about 6 months ago.
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Is the site down? Cannot get in. I like the idea.
posted by JohnnyGunn at 12:37 PM on July 10, 2012

The site should be up... Try logging in with username "demo", password "demo" -- this will kick it into demo mode for you. If you're using Explorer, it does require ChromeFrame, but it should prompt this. Cheers!
posted by rabbitfufu at 4:03 PM on July 10, 2012

Got in. I use Chrome or Firefox or Opera, then maybe Explorer. Initially I could not even get to the home page, but that is resolved and well could have been an issue on my end. I think it is a very helpful, professionally done site. I was looking at it from an individual planning his own workout and schedule.

I love the mini demonstrations of the exercises. I like how the exercises can be broken down by category. The easy drag and drop when you see an exercise that is appropriate for you goal is helpful. The notifications is a great thing too.

Well done.
posted by JohnnyGunn at 12:43 PM on July 11, 2012

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