94 Elements - Our lives through the lens of the elements
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94 Elements - Our lives through the lens of the elements
94 Elements is a global filmmaking project based around the 94 naturally occurring elements, from Hydrogen to Plutonium. Award-winning and upcoming filmmakers each take one element as the basis for a human story around how it's used - watch the 2 minute trailer here and you can see the first film now on the project website. There are opportunities for upcoming filmmakers to win commissions to make new films for the project, such as this pitch at the Sheffield DocFest in June, and we've got great plans for some really interesting data-vis work around how we use our resources.
Role: Project Director
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Speaking as a chemist, the layout really really bothers me. I understand that the typical periodic table is a nightmare from a graphic design standpoint (and I love alternative arrangements), but I feel like just plopping them on a grid in order detracts a bit from the concept. What if I want to watch all the alkaline earth metal films in order?
posted by Dr.Enormous at 6:05 PM on May 1, 2012

Hi. Yes I know it's slightly annoying for chemists at the moment! We're building a dynamic table for the next phase which will allow you to select different arrangements based on lots of different criteria, including commodity price, remaining deposits, recycling rate etc and of course the periodic groupings. We chose to do it this way right now to take one step back from the traditional periodic layout.
posted by gravelshoes at 2:06 AM on May 2, 2012

Ok, now that is a really neat idea, even without the films. Plus, films!
posted by Dr.Enormous at 5:44 PM on May 4, 2012

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