140 And Counting: very very short fiction and poetry, but lots of it.
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140 And Counting: very very short fiction and poetry, but lots of it.
Maybe you were given an e-reader today, and you're looking for stuff to read on it? Well, I've been running a weekdaily, online literary-and-speculative magazine since July 2009 called Seven by Twenty, which uses Twitter as its publishing platform. Since writing has to fit in a tweet, it by necessity focuses on very, very short stories and short-form poetry (haiku and scifaiku are especially perfect lengths). Now I've published an ebook anthology of the 140 best pieces from the first two years of the magazine's history (plus one more for luck).

I've started an ebook publishing company, Upper Rubber Boot Books (the unusual name is Canadian slang), and our first release is the anthology, plus I've also released a poetry chapbook and re-released my own out-of-print poetry collection. So far, the anthology is available in mobi (for Kindle) from Amazon and in ePub from Goodreads. I'm in the process of becoming a vendor with Apple, B&N, Kobo, etc.

On a personal note, thank you Mefites, because discussions like this one helped me to work up my nerve to actually carry through on this.
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