Hypnotizr, an online hypnosis service
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Hypnotizr, an online hypnosis service
I've been a hypnotherapist for the past five years, and because I'm a huge nerd, I've been looking for ways to automate my work. Hypnotizr is the result.

There's a lot of repetition in hypnotherapy -- for example, all smokers who get triggered by drinking alcohol will receive the same suggestions -- yet there are variations from client to client that make a real hypnotherapist (rather than a CD or MP3) worth the cost to many people. Every client has a different combination of triggers, habits and motivations, even if the suggestions given for each of those triggers, etc. are the same.

My goal with Hypnotizr is to automate the process performed by a hypnotherapist who uses direct suggestion (which is the type of hypnosis that comes to mind first when you think of "hypnosis"). I'm doing this by offering intake forms for each problem that cover the most common triggers, habits and motivations. Then, based on the answers I receive, I sequence together a coherent MP3 from a collection of pre-recorded snippets. This way, I can deliver customized sessions more efficiently than recording and editing every session from scratch.

Eventually, I want to replace my manual involvement with very rudimentary AI (some judgement-based decisions are required, so a 1:1 mapping of answers to snippets won't work).

If you want to test drive a session, don't complete the checkout process. If you message me through MeFi mail sometime over the next week, I'll give you a session for 1 cent. I'm not interested in getting customers from here; I'm mostly interested in the discussion that might arise.
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Hey MeFites. I'm launching officially on January 1, which means that the pre-launch trial period is ending tonight. If you want a 1 cent session, let me know soon!
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