Slider: An addictive new puzzle game for Android (and soon iOS)
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Slider: An addictive new puzzle game for Android (and soon iOS)
This is a project I started a few months ago via Kickstarter, and the fruits of my labors are now available. It's an abstract puzzle game where you slide blocks around by tilting your device (touch-controlled sliding is also available if you're tilt-wary).

Gameplay modes include:

- a "puzzle" mode where you have to solve specific puzzles to progress
- a "timed" mode where there's a steady supply of blocks and you have to get the highest score you can in a minute
- a "strategy" mode where there's no time limit but a block is added each time you tilt, encouraging you to take your time and plan out your moves carefully
- and an "endless" mode that's truly endless; there's no way to lose, and it's designed to just be a calm, relaxing experience

There are also several "skins" available to re-theme the game's graphics, including a Cow Clicker skin graciously provided by Ian Bogost.

There's even a free (Windows and Mac only) online demo on the homepage, so please check it out.

The iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch version is coming within the next couple of weeks; I'm relying heavily on friends for assistance with that one since I don't have a Mac of my own to build it on.
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