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I spent five years making a graphical text adventure about cryptozoology. I cast actors*, created and photographed cryptids and (leveraging the magic of Creative Commons) listened to hundreds of hours of music until I had a 70-song soundtrack. I visited New Mexico twice to shoot on location and tried to make it as funny as possible -- as if Magnetic Scrolls were coming back any day now. It's called Cryptozookeeper, and while you can buy a two-disc pack, it's also available to download, in whole and for free, for Windows, Linux and OS X.

(Info on the Linux and OS X interpreters is here.)

*Well, "cast actors" or "convinced my photogenic friends to be in it," you know how it goes.
Role: Writer, programmer, illustrator
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Congrats on shipping a game. Not an easy thing.
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Half a gig for a text adventure - is that a new record? It's a bit of a slow download, which is sad because I have the ideal opportunity to play while stuck inside with the flu. Looking forward to coming to grips with it.
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